New West Symphony: Holidays with Jennifer Holliday at Fred Kavli Theatre

New West Symphony Tickets

Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center | Thousand Oaks, California

New West Symphony

Man, hold on to your Santa hats, 'cos something HUGE is goin' down this Holiday season! The New West Symphony is hitting the road for their epic Holidays with Jennifer Holliday concert at the marvelous Fred Kavli Theatre at Bank Of America Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks, California. ARE YOU READY? Because it’s happening on December 2, 2023! Time to book those tickets, folks!

The maestros are prepped to raise the roof and give you a night of serious symphony swagger blended with seasonal vibes. And peeps, can we just TALK about Jennifer Holliday for a hot second? She's the queen of Soul, the diva of Broadway, and she's bringing that golden voice to the Golden State! Dreamgirls, anyone? This TOUR promises to be a Yuletide ride of epic proportions!

Wrap yourself up in a blanket of sound as Holliday takes on Christmas classics and maybe a dazzlin' rendition of her greatest hits! The magic of live orchestration is gonna make your hearts soar, I’m tellin' ya!

So buckle up, music fans, 'cos this ain't your Grandma's carol concert. This is the New West Symphony: Holidays with Jennifer Holliday Concert. Seriously high-note worthy! Don't sleep on snaggin' those tickets – get ‘em while they’re HOT! This concert is set to be the ultimate festive tour de force! The clock's tickin', ya dig?

Get ready folks! Buckle up for a joyride of a lifetime because the New West Symphony is bringing the Holidays with Jennifer Holliday concert to Fred Kavli Theatre at Bank of America Performing Arts Center. And guess what? It’s happening right here in the heart of Thousand Oaks, California on December 2, 2023. So, SAVE THE DATE!

Jennifer Holliday, PEOPLE! The Grammy and Tony-winning legend herself! She’s hitting our town, ready to SPARKLE, ready to SHINE, ready to fill the air with the enchantingly soulful renditions of your favorite holiday tracks. Holliday in holiday season – how perfect does that sound? Her voice? Pure MAGIC! It's sure to give you the goosebumps!

This ain’t just a concert, it’s an experience. You'd be sharing the evening with the vivacious, larger-than-life character Holliday is known to be. Her performances? They're not just shows, it's a tour de force! Seasoned with Christmas spirit and her matchless vocal prowess, this concert is guaranteed to give you the FEELS!

Now talking about the awesome Fred Kavli Theatre at Bank of America Performing Arts Center, this 1,800-seat beauty has seen legendary talent grace its stage. It ain't just a venue; it's the HEARTBEAT of Thousand Oaks. It boasts state-of-the-art acoustics and comfortable seating, making sure you soak up every note, every moment of this absolutely heart-tugging, stellar performance.

Thousand Oaks, our cozy city, ain't just about the oaks. It is ready to let loose and groove to some EPIC beats this December! And when it comes to a live show experience, well, Fred Kavli Theatre knows its game. Decked up in lights, filled with fan love, and bristling with anticipation, you'll feel the energy the moment you step into this majestic venue. Holliday and her tour crew? They're ready to bedazzle, folks!

Ticket, ticket, ticket! YES, it’s all about the TICKET! Snag ‘em while you still can – grab a friend, grab a family member, heck, even grab your grumpy neighbor Bob – just don’t miss out on this.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in the holiday spirit, Thousand Oaks style! A concert experience you'll remember for years to come, a memory to cherish, it's the Holidays with Jennifer Holliday concert tour! Secure your spot at the landscapescape of emotions. TICKETS ARE FLYING OFF THE SHELF! Get yours and let the countdown BEGIN! Come feel the MAGIC!

New West Symphony at Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center

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