A Drag Queen Christmas at Fred Kavli Theatre

A Drag Queen Christmas Tickets

Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center | Thousand Oaks, California

A Drag Queen Christmas

Peeps, grab your sparkly stilettos and tinsel tiaras, THIS is not a drill! A Drag Queen Christmas concert is making its fierce landing at the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks, California this December 6, 2023! You better believe it, it’s gonna be a feast for the eyes filled with all the talent, tinsel, and tuck you could dream of!

Wave farewell to your hum-drum holiday affair and join us for this tectonic TOUR-de-force of electrifying entertainment. This CONCERT is gonna knock your fishnets off! Feast your peepers on dazzling, high-heel stompin' performances that'll make your yuletide gayer than a rainbow unicorn!

Snag your coveted TICKET fast before they sashay away, bro. This show's hotter than a VHS tape left out in the California sun. Trust me, with these drag queen royalties teasing the stage, your holiday season is about to go from zero to a hundred real quick, the ultimate live show experience!

Powering through their greatest hits, our queens have sass for days. What’s Christmas without a little DRAMA, DAZZLE, and DIVA anyway? So come on; deck the halls with boughs of holly and lipstick. It's time to sleigh!

Book now, before the Grinch steals your seat, and say YAAAS QUEEN to an unforgettable Christmas to remember!

Ladies, Gents, and Glam Connoisseurs alike, circle the date, cue the glitter explosion, and hold on to your fake eyelashes! The realness is about to descend upon us at the Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks, California. Brace yourselves for A DRAG QUEEN CHRISTMAS concert, storming your festive world December 6, 2023!

Ticket in one hand, boa-constrictor-sized feather boa in the other, you’ll be strutting into this concert giddy with anticipation. Breathtaking performances, awe-inducing artistry, beats that'll make your heart sync to their rhythm - friends, we're not just talking lip sync here, we're talking life sync!

C’mon, y’all! If you haven't witnessed the dazzling spectacle of a drag concert tour, then honey, you haven’t really LIVED. Every bisexual, trysexual, and ‘why-not-say-yes-sexual’ human on this rainbow-tinted planet needs to witness the tour de force of fierce that is A Drag Queen Christmas concert.

This ain't your grandma's Christmas carol service, pals. This is an award-winning extravaganza, adorned with bulbs brighter than a decorated Christmas tree. This concert is like nothing else - Fresher than a mint candy cane! Sassier than Rudolph’s red nose! More shimmy and shake than a bowl full of jelly!

Fred Kavli Theatre, here we come. Renowned for its epic stage, lighting that would make an aurora borealis blush, and acoustics so crisp, they make Mariah on her best day sound like she’s singing into a bean can. Thousand Oaks may be a small city but, baby, it's LARGE and IN CHARGE when it comes to serving you live entertainment on a platter!

These queens are not just performers; they're seasoned PROS. Their high heel game strong, their contour sharper than your wit, and their spotlight claiming ability - unprecedented. Whether you're an ardent queer culture enthusiast or a newbie, this concert is a non-stop showbiz express that’ll leave you gasping for more. It's not just a celebration of Drag, it's a jubilation of individuality, freedom, and the joy of being fearlessly oneself!

Hold on tight! This Christmas, take a ride on Santa’s sparkliest, most sequinned sleigh and let fabulousness reign all the way! TICKETS available NOW. Get yours IMMEDIATELY before they sashay away! Don’t be a Scrooge, join the party. Live a little, love a lot and most importantly, let your true colors shine BRIGHT under the Christmas lights!

A Drag Queen Christmas at Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center

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