Jodi Cobb at Fred Kavli Theatre

Jodi Cobb Tickets

Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center | Thousand Oaks, California

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY 1ST MARCH 2024. Originally Friday 22nd September 2023. All original tickets are still valid!

Jodi Cobb

Yo fam! Pencil in the date - it's about to get LIT! Jodi Cobb, the silky-voiced songstress, is kickin' off her stellar tour and will be blessing our ears with her melodious magic. It's all poppin' off at the Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center, Thousand Oaks, California on September 22, 2023. Yup, you heard it right!

Come experience the HYPNOTIC live vibes that only a Jodi Cobb concert can produce. You don't want to be that poor soul, agonizing over those coveted Instagram stories and constant FOMO filled Snapchats, wishing you were there. This ain't about just swaying to beats on your commute, it's about singing your heart out to her biggest hits, feeling every note, every beat and living that VOYAGE of entertainment.

Those tickets are likely to vanish faster than a "like" on your latest profile picture, so don't get caught snoozing, dudes! Scoop up your ticket tout de suite or miss out on the greatest gig of the year. Trust, you ain't seen nothing like a Jodi Cobb tour. Don't be basic, be there or be square! Can't wait to catch y'all there, it's gonna be EPIC!

Lighters in the air for Jodi Cobb, fam! Secure your ticket and let's make some MEMORIES!

Mark your calendars NOW! September 22, 2023, it's happening. Ya heard it right! The phenomenal, the astounding - Jodi Cobb, is COMING to Cali! And not just any place in California - we're talking Thousand Oaks, baby!

The sonic sorceress herself will wave her magic at the renowned Fred Kavli Theatre at the Bank Of America Performing Arts Center. Get ready for a night of unforgettable rhythms, a surreal soundscape that's sure to bend your reality and shake your soul to its core.

It ain’t just a concert, pals. It's a pilgrimage, an expedition into a world where melodies reign supreme. This year’s tour is all set to push boundaries and break records. If you thought her last tour was fire, you ain't seen nothin’ yet!

Fresh off the GRAMMYs stage, with a golden gramophone tucked under her arm, this queen needs no introduction. But let me remind ya - Jodi Cobb ain't just an artist. She's a revolution dressed up in chords and lyrics, sparkling under glimmering stage lights. An artist who tore every rulebook apart and rewrote the history of music with her groundbreaking anthems.

You thought her records were mind-blowing? Wait 'til you see her live! The way she strums her guitar, the PASSION… oh, the passion in her voice! The raw energy resonates through the crowd, bouncing off the walls, leaving everyone breathless, every single time!

Crazy, isn't it?

Fred Kavli Theatre - an icon in itself, isn't just a venue. It's a sacrament, a sanctuary of sound. The brilliant acoustics, the spellbinding atmosphere, the grandeur of it all! It’s where legends are born. It treats you like royalty while giving you that gritty, rock-star vibe. An epitome of class and quality, it's the ultimate musical haven that's sure to leave you entranced.

Thousand Oaks! Are you ready to be a part of HISTORY?

Public Service Announcement, folks: Tickets. Are. Limited. If you don't wanna be THAT fan crying outside the sold-out box office, then get off your phone and BUY those tickets NOW. Feel the bass, the beats, the magic, the Cobb.

Because, trust me, you're not just buying a ticket. You're gaining a LIFETIME experience. So, don't miss out and get ready to experience Jodi Cobb like NEVER before. Get your tickets NOW and let her music guide you to places you've only dreamed about.

Ready, set, ROCK ON!

Jodi Cobb at Fred Kavli Theatre At Bank Of America Performing Arts Center

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