Bored Teachers Comedy Tour at Fred Kavli Theatre

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour Tickets

Fred Kavli Theatre | Thousand Oaks, California

It's time to put those pencils up! Teachers, get ready for the biggest meet-up where you can celebrate comedy-gold antics beyond the classroom! On its second headlining tour run, Bored Teachers are hitting the stage, and "We Can't Make This Stuff Up!" a the Comedy Tour 2023. The tour will take a lecture at Fred Kavli Theatre on Thursday, 6th of July 2023, featuring the most hilarious educators in the industry. From your mobile phones to the live stage, Bored Teachers is bringing the sweet escape from the daily grind to a city near you! Book your tickets now!

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour at Fred Kavli Theatre

From TikToks of hilarious tales off of the classroom, Bored Teachers is taking sensational comedy-gold classroom content to the live stage. Following the success of the first installment of its Comedy Tour back in 2022, “We Can’t Make This Stuff Up” is slated to perform at over 150 shows this 2023.

"I just wanted to thank you for consistently bringing a smile to my face," a review by Jen D. shared on the Bored Teachers website. "On the difficult days, your posts make me feel like I'm not alone. Your jokes are hilarious and spot-on!. Thank you so much"

The Comedy Tour promises to bring the nation's funniest teacher-comedians to the big stage. These guests have amassed hundred of millions of views across social media, surely able to bring the whole crowd laughing their socks off.

"So put that red pen down, pause that Netflix series you've been bingeing, throw on your comfiest teacher tee, call your teacher besties, and come burn off some of that stress this school year has been dumping all over you!", the Bored Teachers website exclaims.

Some of Bored Teachers' highly acclaimed comedians include Devin Siebold, KC Mack, Vinny Thomas, Jess Merrill, Andrea Caspari, Jared Waters, and so much more. As guest teachers vary per show, you're in for big surprises at The Comedy Tour.

"The best comedy show I've ever been to. No lie!", a review on their website said. "We NEED this. Every teacher needs a laugh like this!" said another.

Bored Teachers has amassed over 4.5 million followers across TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, and viewed over twenty-million times monthly for their comedy-gold stories, antics, and relatable content. As educators join forces for the funniest comedy tour to make it off of the classroom, every audience is surely in for a good time. 'We can't make this stuff up!

Though its name may have the word "Bored" in it, "No teacher is ever bored! It’s part of our sarcasm and sense of humor. Take a look around our content, you’ll see what we mean!" As the go-to platform for educators to find an escape amidst the chaos and stress of the profession, Bored Teachers became a community to uplift teachers, allowing them to find joy and laughter in their passion.

Featuring real stories from the classroom, honest confessions, and exposing ridiculous parent requests, Bored Teachers is set to deliver a show full of laughs, with a handful of lessons along the way. Book your tickets now!

Bored Teachers Comedy Tour at Fred Kavli Theatre

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